COLLEVE is a niche label of high-end minimalist sneakers. The sneakers collection is made in Italy as COLLEVE's aesthetics are translated into a high-end shoe by contemporary art inspirations. At its core, COLLEVE is an artisanal lifestyle label where the contemporary and conceptual meets traditional Italian craftsmanship. For us, clean and pure designs are about more than just aesthetics: they are a way of life. Each of our sneakers is its own work of contemporary art to be collected and valued. COLLEVE signature has 4 styles that are known as “The Four Abstract Notions”, because they express different aspects of the abstract in everyday modern life. SENSO represents the lattice of human feeling and emotion; GILDA channels charm as innocence, playfulness, and quirk; and NOTTE conveys soft elegance and polished beauty; and ALMA Connotes pleasure and soul.

COLLEVE is made in Italy by traditional artisans using the finest luxury materials. Our sneakers are handcrafted in Italy’s Marche region using eco-friendly Italian calfskin, lined with full-grain leather, fitted with ergonomic leather insoles, and accented with metal finishings.

  • Full Grain Calf Leather

    All the leathers come from Italian tannery. Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide. We only use full grain pieces which are softness of the leather and the simplicity and technical experience gives the possibility to produce unique and stable leather. Some wrinkles may form which is a proof of its genuine natural origins.  


    All the leathers come from Italian tannery they have done all the procedures with eco-friendly methods. Our tanneries are passionate about driving their Eco friendly products.  


    Wet white leathers are produced by combinations of synthetic tannins, vegetable tannins, glutaraldehydes which is combined with synthetic detergents and minerals, such as aluminum and zirconium.  


    Suede is from the underside of the skin. This leather undergoes a special treatment tanned, dyed and worked with sandpapering machine on the flesh side and so it is possible to obtain a beautiful leather and the softness of the velvet (velour).  


    Our laces are 100% polyester. These laces have a thinly woven making them more resistant and is impossible to rip them. An excellent quality standard is recognized.  


    All the metalic pieces are selected exclusively for COLLEVE and all pieces come from Vicenza area with premium quality.  


    Our rubber sole is 100% made in Italy. The sole is stitched laterally and give an excellent solidity and it is impossible to unstitch it. Also Margom rubber sole provides great traction and a cushioned ride.  


    Our glue used for the manufacture of our footwear is a water based and solvent free. It is the strong glue and to maintain the rubber sole more resistant and has a very high yield, fit perfectly to rubber.


    Inner sole is also from Italy and to guarantee transpiration and have an ergonomic shape to give much more comfort. Our inner sole are extractable and we give the possibility to wash it or changed it with other kind of inner sole.  

The Finest Italian Craftsmanship We focus on implementing the finest Italian craftsmanship into its work and keeping its brand values by only delivering the highest quality shoes.


Cutting Upper - Edging - Preparation for Assembly - Upper Leather Preparation - Shape Preparation - Fixed Shape - Assembly - Mastic Gluing - Stitching - Finishing and Cleaning

From Le Marche, Italy

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