Bimbo Kermit X COLLEVE

December 2, 2019



Illustrator, Bimbo Kermit

Collaboration Artwork

Figure 1. Illustration by Bimbo Kermit for COLLEVE

Bimbo Kermit : Joshua is an illustrator based in Milano, Italy

1. What role does the artist have in society?
- I think artists have the same role of others. Finally, we are slowly reaching to the idea that artists can be workers such as everyone.

2. How has your practice changed over time?
- Initially, i was paying more attention to perfection, straight lines, accurate details. Now i think i am able to communicate even better by being more irrational, gestural, by thinking less and following the flow.

3. What art do you most identify with?
- I identify mostly with subcultures, graffiti, tattoos, cartoons. I really appreciate and identify with what people like to call 'trash'.

4. What work do you most enjoy doing?
- Ideating new projects. I love the part of sketching and doodling before even having the finished work in mind. I really like sketches, most of the times they look even better than the final result.

5. What memorable responses have you had to your work?
- I don't think i have a particular response in mind, but I'm really starting to understand that my works are able to be seriously appreciated by those who see them.

Figure 2. Illustration by Bimbo Kermit for COLLEVE

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